Spotify Removed Two Beloved Features, That Made Users Are Very Angry

Rest In Peace, Recently Played Feature

The option “Recently Played” was the most complained about the change. This menu automatically stores a list of songs played. Without recently played, we need to tap the “Save” button. If users didn’t store their recently played songs before they updated, they now have to search for them to get them back manually. 

One user even had told that he shifted from Apple Music, Just because of Recently Played is not there to serve  from the Spotify app. Many kinds of music will have this habit. Guess what? Listening to the same song repeatedly And if there is no recently played option, definitely they will feel bed right?

This removal of feature hurts Spotify users. Spotify has to focus on solving it. Because Spotify had so many stunning features that increased the traffic of fans, so let’s hope for giving life back to Recently Played. Spotify now works on to give real-time experience for Spotify users. Artists can buy promotions on Drizzyapp to make your song popular. This a way to make your song to be played all over the world.

Where Were You Gone? Dear Alphabetical Scrolling!!

Spotify had taken back the amazing feature, the alphabetical scrolling feature that will help us to jump from top to bottom easily from one song to another from every list on the app. Before the update, users need to simply press their fingers on the scroll bars of Spotify music library menus to quickly jump from letter to letter. 

This feature was available in so many online offline music streaming applications. That’s incredibly useful for the library with thousands of songs or hundreds of albums, but that’s also gone invisible with Recently played. 

As a Spotify user, we want our beloved features back. Every application should have a very user-friendly environment so that there will be more users. But now Spotify had removed the most wanted feature, that users use the most. I have no idea how Spotify didn’t notice this.

Users need scroll from top to bottom of their Artist list if they need to find anything at the bottom. When you have large data, there must be many filtering methods for easy access. Music is a way to release stress, so users should not feel stressed to play the music.

This change annoys users when they use libraries with huge number of songs of music. The move has outright spoiled the app for many Redditors or spoiled the excellent user- friendly environment for which Spotify was famous. It is incredibly irritating for people like me, who kept all their offline music in the library instead of playlists.

Now I cannot listen to my chosen tracks of one artist without referring to a self-created playlist as Artists bookmark will lead me to their full-page. For enjoying your music more buy monthly 

Voice Of Spotify’s Music Lovers

As a Spotify user, I need to appreciate their attractive features. And I want to express what I feel about their product. And they will consider what users will want and expect from their product.

I think that I was pleased about Spotify online music streaming. After these modifications. I feel some struggles to explore songs on Spotify library. If Spotify considers these side effects of above updation, they will try to solve it. To have more fans for your songs, you can buy monthly listeners for Spotify.