Instagram Post Ideas For Artists

Are you an artist? Are you looking for the best platform to show off your talent? Social media is the right platform for you to expose your skills. Let’s get started about how to use social platforms to prove you.  To have success story  on social media, you must have huge followers, you can buy real likes from Trollishly.

1. Finished Work

This is the typical post. A work of art that is finished and ready, you can capture it and post on media. It may be anything, drawing like artwork.

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Talk about what makes this work unique, inspiring, challenging, etc. Talk about what it was like working on it. Never tell people what to see or what to think. Let them discover the meaning. Just give a little context and let them imagine themselves.

2. Work In Progress

Like posting finished work, you can post work in progress. You can ask followers to wait for the end. This will create curiosity among art lovers. There is more likely to get more followers. 

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Talk about your medium, style, tools, or ways of working. Remember, not everyone took an art class. 

3. Studio Photo/Video

Take pictures of your studio and talk about the things you have. Your studio does not have to be big and beautiful. A small part of your room or anything looks cute is enough to get hearts from viewers.

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Talk about your environment. What makes it unique? What is your favorite spot in your studio.

4. Before And After Pics

You can beautifully capture transformations of something. For example, you can capture an outline of drawing then complete the drawing and color it. Now you can post the draft as before and the finished picture after picture. This needs to be more creative and logical. Ordinary transformations may not work well. 

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Talk about how long it takes to make a work of art. The stages you have to go through. Maybe tell a story of what happens in between start and finish. Remember, people love stories.

5. Time-Lapse Video

A 30-sec time-lapse video of something that took 6 hours. Most mobile phones today allow you to do that. Just set your phone on a corner as you work and start your time-lapse.

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Invite people to join with your artwork.

6. Interior Design Ideas

You can capture the best interiors you possess, or you can recreate any interior. And also you can design your interior and capture it. People always love handcrafted items. 

Caption Ideas To Highlight : This makes a great promotional material when pushing sales. Show people who your work looks in a home and invite them to imagine your work in their walls.

7. Sales Promotion

You can promote sales of any artwork. Handcrafts always had a special place. Remember, Everyone loves the artwork. You can make money by selling artwork.

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Capture pictures and videos with beautiful background.

8. Installing A Work Of Art

People love when you or someone else is installing the work in a home or gallery. You can stage this in your own studio. Just clean up a corner and take a picture while you hang a work. This can also be a time-lapse video.

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Room makeover, house transformation.

To Remember:

Whatever you post on social media there must be an audience to view your work. It may be difficult to gather your audience at the infant stage, at the moment you can purchase Instagram services such as free Instagram likes, followers and so on.