How To Upgrade Your Instagram Profile with Geotags To Get More Exposure?

Do you think Instagram is the right platform to get more exposure to your Instagram profile? You are not wrong! Instagram is an emerging social media platform with a massive number of active users. 

Have You Heard About Geotags?

Geotags can be used to make your stuff on Instagram visible to many people. Your task is to just capture an image from the location you want. The purpose of the geotags is much more valuable than you think. When someone searches or clicks on the same geotag that you have pinned, it will show your photos tagged. This will increase the number of views for your Instagram post or story. Geolocation information can be gathered from the IP address of the physical device, longitude, and latitude. These details can help you to increase your user engagement.

Are you thinking about creating a new geotag? If you own an Instagram business profile it is possible to pin a location to show your location. Do you know geotagged posted received more than 70% of increased user engagement?

Let’s learn about how to create location sticker on Instagram

  • create your Instagram story by clicking on the camera icon
  • Capture  a photo or record a video
  • Click on the sticker icon, from the options select the location sticker option
  • Enter the name of the location or you can choose any location from the selection

You have the freedom to move or drag and resize your sticker as you want. After making the changes you can upload it. 

Why Geotags Are So Important?

When you start an online business the location of your business is much more important. When you add clear contact details it will create a good impression on your business. So being found by your customers easily is a bonus for your customers. You are a step ahead of your competitors. Location tagging will make your presence with the relevant search keywords and results. Locating tagging was found to generate increased user engagement than posts with geotags. 

How To Make Your Presence Everywhere?

Make your presence everywhere through Wooxie, it provides better results than other service providers. Do you think hashtags will do it for you? You are not wrong! Hashtags are a  great source that is useful to generate valuable user engagement snappily. Now we have come up with the decision to utilize hashtag features, now didn’t this question rise on your mind? How to use hashtags? Here is the answer, you can create your hashtags for your stuff or you can take hashtags from the current trending and viral posts on Instagram which is relevant to your post. 

How Many Instagram Hashtag We Can Use Per Post?

The maximum number of hashtags you can use on a post is 30. But Instagram says there is no need to use all of the 30 Instagram hashtags on a single post. 11 relevant hashtags are enough to reach the expected audience. You can fill the captions with some phrases. Instagram Stories are engaging more audience, buy automatic Instagram story views in addition to creative hashtags will boost your story views.

Brainstorm For Keywords

Brainstorming is the way to get ideas of what is going viral which holds the eyes of people from different regions. You need to be up to date with what is currently ruling the internet, analyze why it is recognized globally, what makes the stuff stands out from millions of posts. Search for how they create it and find out the tactics they have used for creating and advertising it. Reaching more people is the key to make your post go viral.