What To Post On Instagram: Creative Content Ideas Which Make Fan Traffic

1. Your Diy Projects That Will Surprise Everyone

DIY products always had a special place on every social media. It shows people had excellent creativity knowledge on how they see the world. I ever wondered how they found this. If you have creativity, you can go for DIY projects. You can take any materials and can do whatever you want. There are some bloggers like blossoms, and they are very famous for their DIY ideas. To have more fans for your talent you can buy free Instagram followers trails. This is a current trend and people are looking forward for a reliable Instagram service provider.

2. Create A Custom Graphic

Graphic illustrations also had many followers. They made graphics of day to day life and some other imagination Which seems very interesting. There are some bloggers like anime. They had a substantial beloved fan.

3. Ask A Question And Create A Forum

If you can’t find any creative content, you can create a forum which will increase the number of fans for you. Ask any general or funny questions about current trends. For example, currently, the big boss show ruling the internet and tv. You can ask questions like who will win the title? These kinds of topics people found on every social media.

4. Your Crazy Cute Pets

Who else don’t like animals? Right. They also love us very much. No one can escape from their cuteness storm. You can take video or images of your beloved pet while they are crazy. Pets will steal everyone’s heart. They show their love towards you, and you are going to show that to the world.

5. Find A ‘Wall For Instagram’

Instagrammable wall is a wall with a unique style of art or drawing. You can decorate the ordinary wall and make it an extraordinary mural. The beauty of the wall is on the artist’s hands. Anyone can become an artist. So don’t you?

6. A Tutorial To Be A Teacher

You can create online classrooms and also for some training like tailoring, cooking, drawing, etc.. you can teach anything to anybody at any time. You can also be certified while you attend these tutorials. 

7. Your Outfit

You can become a costume designer, or you can do any DIY projects using cloths. For example, you can convert an old shall to a dress. Old jeans into new shorts. A shirt into off shoulder flounce. Etc..

8. Latest Apps You’ve Found

You can review any application you used. You can demonstrate apps. You can promote applications with its pros and cons.

9. What You Love To Do When You’re Not At Work

The above sentence depicts about your hobby. You can explain, or you can demonstrate your hobby on Instagram. This concept also works well on Instagram.

10. Repost A Photo Of Your Product Taken By A Follower

It will be an excellent opportunity to build a healthy business tree on social media. It will show that your customer is happy with your product or service. It will create reliability in your business.

11. Behind-The-Scenes Of Your Latest Diy Project

People also for this. Behind the scenes of any videos. For DIY projects, they will clearly explain what they have done. It also seems funny and thought-provoking.

12. Your Recent Travel Photos

When you explore the world, you also carry social media with you. It creates interest in your profile if you are wanderlust. Somethings never got old right? It is also one among them.


You need to have a huge crowd to be successful on social media. The above ideas only will produce organic results when you have a mass audience for your work. You can even buy Instagram followers from Twitrounds website which is completely legit and safe service providers for Instagram.