How To Upgrade Your Instagram Profile with Geotags To Get More Exposure?

Do you think Instagram is the right platform to get more exposure to your Instagram profile? You are not wrong! Instagram is an emerging social media platform with a massive number of active users. 

Have You Heard About Geotags?

Geotags can be used to make your stuff on Instagram visible to many people. Your task is to just capture an image from the location you want. The purpose of the geotags is much more valuable than you think. When someone searches or clicks on the same geotag that you have pinned, it will show your photos tagged. This will increase the number of views for your Instagram post or story. Geolocation information can be gathered from the IP address of the physical device, longitude, and latitude. These details can help you to increase your user engagement.

Are you thinking about creating a new geotag? If you own an Instagram business profile it is possible to pin a location to show your location. Do you know geotagged posted received more than 70% of increased user engagement?

Let’s learn about how to create location sticker on Instagram

  • create your Instagram story by clicking on the camera icon
  • Capture  a photo or record a video
  • Click on the sticker icon, from the options select the location sticker option
  • Enter the name of the location or you can choose any location from the selection

You have the freedom to move or drag and resize your sticker as you want. After making the changes you can upload it. 

Why Geotags Are So Important?

When you start an online business the location of your business is much more important. When you add clear contact details it will create a good impression on your business. So being found by your customers easily is a bonus for your customers. You are a step ahead of your competitors. Location tagging will make your presence with the relevant search keywords and results. Locating tagging was found to generate increased user engagement than posts with geotags. 

How To Make Your Presence Everywhere?

Make your presence everywhere through Wooxie, it provides better results than other service providers. Do you think hashtags will do it for you? You are not wrong! Hashtags are a  great source that is useful to generate valuable user engagement snappily. Now we have come up with the decision to utilize hashtag features, now didn’t this question rise on your mind? How to use hashtags? Here is the answer, you can create your hashtags for your stuff or you can take hashtags from the current trending and viral posts on Instagram which is relevant to your post. 

How Many Instagram Hashtag We Can Use Per Post?

The maximum number of hashtags you can use on a post is 30. But Instagram says there is no need to use all of the 30 Instagram hashtags on a single post. 11 relevant hashtags are enough to reach the expected audience. You can fill the captions with some phrases. Instagram Stories are engaging more audience, buy automatic Instagram story views in addition to creative hashtags will boost your story views.

Brainstorm For Keywords

Brainstorming is the way to get ideas of what is going viral which holds the eyes of people from different regions. You need to be up to date with what is currently ruling the internet, analyze why it is recognized globally, what makes the stuff stands out from millions of posts. Search for how they create it and find out the tactics they have used for creating and advertising it. Reaching more people is the key to make your post go viral.

Spotify Removed Two Beloved Features, That Made Users Are Very Angry

Rest In Peace, Recently Played Feature

The option “Recently Played” was the most complained about the change. This menu automatically stores a list of songs played. Without recently played, we need to tap the “Save” button. If users didn’t store their recently played songs before they updated, they now have to search for them to get them back manually. 

One user even had told that he shifted from Apple Music, Just because of Recently Played is not there to serve  from the Spotify app. Many kinds of music will have this habit. Guess what? Listening to the same song repeatedly And if there is no recently played option, definitely they will feel bed right?

This removal of feature hurts Spotify users. Spotify has to focus on solving it. Because Spotify had so many stunning features that increased the traffic of fans, so let’s hope for giving life back to Recently Played. Spotify now works on to give real-time experience for Spotify users. Artists can buy promotions on Drizzyapp to make your song popular. This a way to make your song to be played all over the world.

Where Were You Gone? Dear Alphabetical Scrolling!!

Spotify had taken back the amazing feature, the alphabetical scrolling feature that will help us to jump from top to bottom easily from one song to another from every list on the app. Before the update, users need to simply press their fingers on the scroll bars of Spotify music library menus to quickly jump from letter to letter. 

This feature was available in so many online offline music streaming applications. That’s incredibly useful for the library with thousands of songs or hundreds of albums, but that’s also gone invisible with Recently played. 

As a Spotify user, we want our beloved features back. Every application should have a very user-friendly environment so that there will be more users. But now Spotify had removed the most wanted feature, that users use the most. I have no idea how Spotify didn’t notice this.

Users need scroll from top to bottom of their Artist list if they need to find anything at the bottom. When you have large data, there must be many filtering methods for easy access. Music is a way to release stress, so users should not feel stressed to play the music.

This change annoys users when they use libraries with huge number of songs of music. The move has outright spoiled the app for many Redditors or spoiled the excellent user- friendly environment for which Spotify was famous. It is incredibly irritating for people like me, who kept all their offline music in the library instead of playlists.

Now I cannot listen to my chosen tracks of one artist without referring to a self-created playlist as Artists bookmark will lead me to their full-page. For enjoying your music more buy monthly 

Voice Of Spotify’s Music Lovers

As a Spotify user, I need to appreciate their attractive features. And I want to express what I feel about their product. And they will consider what users will want and expect from their product.

I think that I was pleased about Spotify online music streaming. After these modifications. I feel some struggles to explore songs on Spotify library. If Spotify considers these side effects of above updation, they will try to solve it. To have more fans for your songs, you can buy monthly listeners for Spotify.

Instagram Post Ideas For Artists

Are you an artist? Are you looking for the best platform to show off your talent? Social media is the right platform for you to expose your skills. Let’s get started about how to use social platforms to prove you.  To have success story  on social media, you must have huge followers, you can buy real likes from Trollishly.

1. Finished Work

This is the typical post. A work of art that is finished and ready, you can capture it and post on media. It may be anything, drawing like artwork.

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Talk about what makes this work unique, inspiring, challenging, etc. Talk about what it was like working on it. Never tell people what to see or what to think. Let them discover the meaning. Just give a little context and let them imagine themselves.

2. Work In Progress

Like posting finished work, you can post work in progress. You can ask followers to wait for the end. This will create curiosity among art lovers. There is more likely to get more followers. 

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Talk about your medium, style, tools, or ways of working. Remember, not everyone took an art class. 

3. Studio Photo/Video

Take pictures of your studio and talk about the things you have. Your studio does not have to be big and beautiful. A small part of your room or anything looks cute is enough to get hearts from viewers.

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Talk about your environment. What makes it unique? What is your favorite spot in your studio.

4. Before And After Pics

You can beautifully capture transformations of something. For example, you can capture an outline of drawing then complete the drawing and color it. Now you can post the draft as before and the finished picture after picture. This needs to be more creative and logical. Ordinary transformations may not work well. 

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Talk about how long it takes to make a work of art. The stages you have to go through. Maybe tell a story of what happens in between start and finish. Remember, people love stories.

5. Time-Lapse Video

A 30-sec time-lapse video of something that took 6 hours. Most mobile phones today allow you to do that. Just set your phone on a corner as you work and start your time-lapse.

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Invite people to join with your artwork.

6. Interior Design Ideas

You can capture the best interiors you possess, or you can recreate any interior. And also you can design your interior and capture it. People always love handcrafted items. 

Caption Ideas To Highlight : This makes a great promotional material when pushing sales. Show people who your work looks in a home and invite them to imagine your work in their walls.

7. Sales Promotion

You can promote sales of any artwork. Handcrafts always had a special place. Remember, Everyone loves the artwork. You can make money by selling artwork.

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Capture pictures and videos with beautiful background.

8. Installing A Work Of Art

People love when you or someone else is installing the work in a home or gallery. You can stage this in your own studio. Just clean up a corner and take a picture while you hang a work. This can also be a time-lapse video.

Caption Ideas To Highlight : Room makeover, house transformation.

To Remember:

Whatever you post on social media there must be an audience to view your work. It may be difficult to gather your audience at the infant stage, at the moment you can purchase Instagram services such as free Instagram likes, followers and so on.

How To Get More Views And Followers?

Do you want to become famous on TikTok? Here are the things you need to apply to your plans. Don’t skip any of these steps. Follow as much as steps you can.

How To Get Free Followers On TikTok?

There is the fastest way to increase your following. But it will cost you money. There is another way to get reach by using your talents. Buy TikTok likes  as well to reach better.

  1. Participate In Viral Challenges – You can participate in viral challenges. But you need to give solutions innovative. Then the only mass audience will notice. Even if it is not creative, still you can gain followers, if people like the way to find it.
  2. Post Your Videos On Other Social Networks – The first step you need to follow strictly is posting more content on every social media. Try to have accounts in every social media. Try to give the best version of your video. Buy social media services from Trollishly to increase your visibility on social media.
  3. Don’t Hesitate To Collaborate With Others – If you want fame, you need to be social enough to make conversation with strangers. Try not to involve in any adverse situations.
  4. Use Video Editing Apps To Make Appealing Videos – Make use of video editing tools. Some social media provides in-built editing tools like filters, special effects, lighting effects, etc.
  5. Be Unique And Innovative – Don’t always follow the monotonous algorithm. Try to show the difference in every video you make. But still, have to carry own style to make it as your signature. Be innovative with your ideas. Explore more to create a collaboration of other ideas.

How To Get More Views On TikTok?

  1. Set Up Your Profile – Always have a complete profile with original details. Use attractive and eye-catching words to attract more people. Use an adorable profile picture because your profile picture and name are the first things people will notice about you.
  2. Choose A Niche – Niche is a grouping or categorizing something. There are many broad categories. For example, education, entertainment, food and recipes, etc. choose an appropriate niche for your profile and go ahead. It is considerable. You must make sure that under what category you are posting your video.
  3. Use Trending Hashtags – Nowadays, hashtag culture has grown up. You have to be in the current trend. So search for some fantastic hashtags on the internet and create your tags to make compatible for your profile.
  4. Use Challenges – Find a way to utilize everything you see on the internet. Try to make everything as an opportunity for becoming famous. Challenges are one among them to used essentially. If you are good at grasping and imitating visuals, you can go ahead with pleasure.
  5. Post Well And Post Often – As we already discussed, you must make a tremendous amount of content that will help anyway to become famous quickly. You can even become famous by posting one video, but some prerequisites must be satisfied to do so. A great theme, excellent and demanded content, way of presenting, new ideas, quality of the visuals. These are some of the prerequisites to be satisfied to become famous overnight.

What To Post On Instagram: Creative Content Ideas Which Make Fan Traffic

1. Your Diy Projects That Will Surprise Everyone

DIY products always had a special place on every social media. It shows people had excellent creativity knowledge on how they see the world. I ever wondered how they found this. If you have creativity, you can go for DIY projects. You can take any materials and can do whatever you want. There are some bloggers like blossoms, and they are very famous for their DIY ideas. To have more fans for your talent you can buy free Instagram followers trails. This is a current trend and people are looking forward for a reliable Instagram service provider.

2. Create A Custom Graphic

Graphic illustrations also had many followers. They made graphics of day to day life and some other imagination Which seems very interesting. There are some bloggers like anime. They had a substantial beloved fan.

3. Ask A Question And Create A Forum

If you can’t find any creative content, you can create a forum which will increase the number of fans for you. Ask any general or funny questions about current trends. For example, currently, the big boss show ruling the internet and tv. You can ask questions like who will win the title? These kinds of topics people found on every social media.

4. Your Crazy Cute Pets

Who else don’t like animals? Right. They also love us very much. No one can escape from their cuteness storm. You can take video or images of your beloved pet while they are crazy. Pets will steal everyone’s heart. They show their love towards you, and you are going to show that to the world.

5. Find A ‘Wall For Instagram’

Instagrammable wall is a wall with a unique style of art or drawing. You can decorate the ordinary wall and make it an extraordinary mural. The beauty of the wall is on the artist’s hands. Anyone can become an artist. So don’t you?

6. A Tutorial To Be A Teacher

You can create online classrooms and also for some training like tailoring, cooking, drawing, etc.. you can teach anything to anybody at any time. You can also be certified while you attend these tutorials. 

7. Your Outfit

You can become a costume designer, or you can do any DIY projects using cloths. For example, you can convert an old shall to a dress. Old jeans into new shorts. A shirt into off shoulder flounce. Etc..

8. Latest Apps You’ve Found

You can review any application you used. You can demonstrate apps. You can promote applications with its pros and cons.

9. What You Love To Do When You’re Not At Work

The above sentence depicts about your hobby. You can explain, or you can demonstrate your hobby on Instagram. This concept also works well on Instagram.

10. Repost A Photo Of Your Product Taken By A Follower

It will be an excellent opportunity to build a healthy business tree on social media. It will show that your customer is happy with your product or service. It will create reliability in your business.

11. Behind-The-Scenes Of Your Latest Diy Project

People also for this. Behind the scenes of any videos. For DIY projects, they will clearly explain what they have done. It also seems funny and thought-provoking.

12. Your Recent Travel Photos

When you explore the world, you also carry social media with you. It creates interest in your profile if you are wanderlust. Somethings never got old right? It is also one among them.


You need to have a huge crowd to be successful on social media. The above ideas only will produce organic results when you have a mass audience for your work. You can even buy Instagram followers from Twitrounds website which is completely legit and safe service providers for Instagram.

Expert Social Media Tips To Help Your Small Business Succeed

Let’s take some advice from experts to extend your business from street to global level. Take these tips as your fuel. Having a huge crowd is very much important for enhancing small business. You can buy paid promotions on They offer services such as free Instagram followers.

Lead With Your Objectives

Don’t think of social media is just a medium of advertising your business, but think about how it can help you reach your goals. When you use strategically, it can be more reliable, cost-effective, fast medium to advertise your brands. Always have clear goals and objectives which is attainable and measurable. 

Start A Conversation With Your Customers

You cannot only post about your brand and sit. You have strived beyond to make some positive changes. You have to be social enough to start a conversation. You must have the confidence to deal with negative customers. When it comes to your business, social platform are the excellent stage to know more about what customers will need and want.

Social media offers you a trustworthy and stable platform for your business to interact and connect with the customers. It is a customer service platform when you use social media as your customer service platform you can satisfy more customers than real-time. Also, you can get new ideas for content from the FAQ sections. As well, check out your competitor’s customers. 

Learn From Your Competitors

You need to learn from your competitors. The lessons may be their way of presenting, the creative idea, how they handle customers, how they process customer data, how and when they advertise their brands. You should not be overconfident.  

Dominate On One Platform

Are Thinking about which platform is best to advertise your platform? You have a list of the most widely used social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. You can choose any of these.

Create A Calendar To Execute Plans And Track Everything

You have to know when to post your advertisements. There is precise analytics of user traffic in social media. You need to analyze when user’s transport occurs in every social media. You cannot sit simply after advertising your brand on social media. You need to repost that again and again. So not only posting will help. You need to create a calendar to make your posting routine correctly.

You need to track your statics of reach, views, sales, interests, etc. Make use of social listening tools like google analytics and others to track your stats with more accuracy.

  1. Digimind
  2. Google Alerts
  3. Hootsuite

Attract Customers Visually 

Visual marketing is the best method among others.  This is a brilliant idea to reach to your customers on social platforms. Strive hard to attract them with your stunning visuals. A valuable content will help you engage with your clients as well as potential customers. 

Many businesses can’t create enough visual content.even though they know the power of visuals. They are in need of creative thoughts about their products.

Start your blog content with the ones that bring the most traffic. For Facebook and Twitter, create videos that last between half an hour- one and a half hour. Make sure that your videos are of high-quality, short, and precise and also innovative enough to attract the audience.